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Tgurl in small town
hi! i'm a 34yo tgurl, medically retired after 14 years from the Army - hoping to find someone who really might be interested in me…
I love me
Looking to find my place as a soldier and civilian all in one wanting to find the perfect person to love me as much as I can love …
Girl on Fire!
“Our self image, strongly held, essentially determines what we become” - Maxwell Maltz
What's going on?
I am a father of 4 kids, been with my boyfriend for over 6 years.
I got a black belt in keeping it real!!
Good day isn't it!
I am a happily partnered fella looking to make a few new friends and chat with some interesting people. 
in the bedroom
how can you make the spark come back in our relationship? we have been distance for awhile and busy with everyday life.
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